Sunday, February 8, 2009

World War Onesie

In my day, and up until recently, I thought I was still IN my day, we used to put undershirts on infants. There were a million snaps, and they were difficult to keep down. Then someone improved them, and turned them into one-piece undershirts that snapped at the crotch, to keep them from riding up. I remember thinking what a marvelous improvement that was.

The reason we put undershirts on infants, be it a sleeper, a dress, or an outfit, was to keep the baby WARM. Babies, have always had a difficult time doing that for themselves. Yes, it was a pain to put on the undershirts in the first place, not to mention a new one every time they spit up on it, but this layering kept them toasty warm and happy. Fortunately, at one's baby shower, a mother gets no less than 30 of them.

Anyway... my daughter-in-law seems hell bent on NOT using the undershirts. And, she has the new improved ones at her disposal. They are called 'onesies'. But, despite the improvements, she doesn't want to use them.

I babysit two days a week. When I receive the baby, she is usually in a sleeper, with only a diaper underneath. It's damn cold here in Jersey this time of the year, and I just KNOW that my granddaughter would be MUCH more comfortable with a ONSIE under her sleeper. So as soon as the DIL leaves for work, I dress her in a onesie underneath that sleeper.

True, after the third time she spits up and/or her diaper leaks, I begin to realize what a pain it is to change a sleeper and a onesie, but it makes my Grammy heart glow with satisfaction to know that my little angel is warm and toasty.

Not wanting to interfere, one day I mentioned to the DIL, that I thought onesies were a great idea. She said she thought they were a nuisance. I added that I thought they made the baby feel warmer. She responded by saying that in her opinion it made the baby too hot.

So, twice a week, I re-dress the baby after the DIL goes off to work.

I have a feeling that it's not over though. Everytime I open the bureau drawer, there are less and less onesies in there. Either she's hiding them... or not doing the laundry. But that's okay. Grammy can afford to buy her own supply of onesies and bring them with her.