Tuesday, November 4, 2003

The Before and After Photos

These are the before and after pictures of the renovations we did to our house.  Actually... it's not a renovation... it's more like a RESURRECTION! 

Please click on the "View Larger" option.  It will put the pics in an album so you can see the before and after effects side-by-side.

I will keep adding more pictures and updating old ones as we go along.  Don't miss reading the story though!


redhdka said...

Great Journal. Liked pics. Read your other journal too. Glued to it while I cook my meatloaf But I can't seem to get to page 15 I will try again later. Not sure if its the pages or me. Keep it up...interesting

dehl1980 said...


this is great you did a great job

i love reading the occupant

write more


rha4497496 said...

I'm impressed! It looks like a new house.

yourowndesigner said...

Hey, looks amazing. I know that you are pleased, you should be. Keep up the great work, enjoy your new home.


flblondee1 said...

Dear Lisa,
I have my own serious dilema now thanks to you.  I happened upon your other journal this morning and just now finished reading it.  I don't know what I'm going to do now that I have my very own 'soon to be somone special' coming over for breakfast, I will be up cleaning all night long.    I belly laughed so hard at everything, especially page 20.. already having discovered this some time ago.  
After all, I am 46.  LOL    Thanks for sharing!  I just was addicted and couldn't stop reading.  Best of luck.  Will be keeping up with .. now starting The..occupant.

Hugs from FL.. Karen