Friday, December 30, 2005

To 2006

Standing here, at the cross roads of my life, looking back at the paths I've taken, and questioning which way to turn now that the rest of my life is before me, I realize that I am completely lost and have absolutely no idea where to go.

But since no one even knows that I'm missing, there won't be any search and rescue teams out looking for me. 

I guess my only hope of salvation is ... me.  No Hero or Prince Charming will be scooping me up and carrying me to a Happily Ever After ending.

I feel so small and insignificant.  Can I possibly do this?  (Closing eyes, pinching nose and taking a deep breath before jumping)...

"Here goes nothing!" I scream to no one in particular.

And as expected, no one in particular answers.

Happy New Year!


kymllr said...

Boy does that say it all!!((Hugs)) kymllr

alphawoman1 said...

Happy new year and stop staying away for so long!!!

cafeteome said...

Happy New Year, Lisa!! I've missed ya'! Love, Sharon

blondepennierae said...

Nice to have you back.  Happy New Year, Pennie

shaz19743 said...

Welcome back chick and by the way im pinching the nose , closing the eyes and getting ready to jump too !
But jump into a new year not off a cliff i hasten to add hehe see here ----
No idea where to go ? Me either but we'll find some kind of road to follow .
No hero to scoop us up and take us of to fairytale land ? Me either but hey we can have fun trying to find him .
Feel small and insignificant ? Hell we could NEVER be insignificant hehe
Happy New Year mate and happy new adventure too x

tillysweetchops said...

Hi Lisa,

Nobody ever told us that Life would be so scary did they?

Wherever you go and whatever you do, I'm sure you'll come through (hey, I think I might have the makings of a hit record there!) - See, life is full of possibilities;but somethimes the challenge can be exhausting. I'm feeling for you. Don't disappear - keep us posted.

and ...Happy New Year!

Big hugs,
Tilly xx

mogul486 said...

I don't think that you are small or insignificant and I would love to save you! Please don't jump and if you need a lift up, you will always have me. Love, Ray

onmiownnow2 said...

I'm just not significant enough to... marry!  LOL!  Thanks for the offer to save me, Ray.  But I'd rather save myself.  Hugs, Lisa

indigomilky said...

 This is where I am going:  I am going DANCING.  I am going to dance my way around each and every corner.  
 It was a major leap of faith to buckle on my (comfortable) heeled and strapped-around-my-ankle shoes and head out to the dance hall. (look up dance: ballroom, tango, salsa etc on your computer) Get there early!  It allows time to get comfortable and become part of the lessons.  For $5 I had the best time.  It feels like I've stepped into Europe with the small tables around the floor and large mirrors along the walls.  Some dance halls offer food and non-alcoholic drinks.  (Some dance halls serve alcohol as well.)  
 And there is a wide variety of people to meet there.  I started dancing (tango) this summer and I found out that dancing is huge with students (high-school and up) and adults of all ages. For the record, I felt way out of my comfort zone the first few times.  And I now bring a bottle of water, mints, and dancing shoes in a bag, putting them on after I arrived for the soles are soft leather.
 You know, I have a shopping list of what I'm looking for in my next car, and thinking of that, I've come to realize that should I ever have a life partner again, he would be someone who enjoys the dance.  I won't settle. And, I want to be ready with my dancing shoes on.  
 You never know unless you try....and you look like a dancer too!   Michaela