Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Interview With Baby Joe

This past weekend I caught up with Baby Joe, the hottest young male celebrity in Jersey and here's what he had to say:

The Occupant: "Baby Joe ... thanks for stopping by!  When did you get into town?"

  Baby Joe: "The past 6 weeks have been such a whirlwind ... I think it was around July the 3rd..."

The Occupant:  "Any idea what caused the media frenzy since your arrival?"

  Baby Joe:  "I'm not sure ... but I think my parents had something to do with it!"

The Occupant:  "What's it been like for you?"

  Baby Joe:  "My life is like a circus!  As you can see by this picture ... no moment is too private for the paparazzi to photograph!"

 Baby Joe:  "Reporters seem to be lying in wait wherever I go!"

The Occupant:  "I guess like any celebrity, your schedule must be  quite hectic!"

  Baby Joe:  "Every time I turn around there's a make-up girl or hair stylist grabbing me for a touch up!"

The Occupant:  "Do you feel safe?"

  Baby Joe:  "Oh yeah!  I have a pretty intimidating body guard!"

The Occupant:  "Do you get to spend any quality time with your family?"

  Baby Joe: "My dad and I sneak away for a nap whenever we get the chance..."

  Baby Joe:  "And nobody serves up a home cooked meal like my Mom!"

The Occupant:  "People Magazine reported that you were seen at the Jersey shore last week... any truth to that?"

  Baby Joe:  "Of course!  You can't live in Jersey without taking a trip down the shore!"

The Occupant:  "Were you bothered by many fans on the beach?"

  Baby Joe:  "No, I always wore a hat and my parents kept me covered up with a blanket most of the time, so no one recognized me."

The Occupant:  "Do your parents still treat you like a baby?"

  Baby Joe:  "No matter how many movies I star in, or how many photo shoots I do, they still sniff my diaper whenever they smell something funny!"

The Occupant:  "Are there any embarrassing photos out there that you hope the media doesn't plaster all over the Internet?"

  Baby Joe: (laughs) "I think everyone has a few pictures that were only meant to be shared with family and friends ... like this one for example!  I must have had one too many bottles that night!"

The Occupant:  "So what are your plans for the future?"

  Baby Joe:  "I'll be teething soon, so I may have to take a break for a few months ... after that... there's a rumor that HBO wants to do a documentary filming my First Steps..."

The Occupant:  "Any advice for your adoring fans?"

  Baby Joe:  "Just say NO to pacifiers and always stay in your car seat!"

The Occupant:  "Well, there you have it!  Words to live by from one of Jersey's hottest stars!"





kymllr said...

ohhhh he is so doggone cute :) what a lil doll!! Give him lots of hugs for me. Your so lucky :)

cafeteome said...

ROFLMAO! Lisa, this was DAMN funny! Happy to see a post from you! Thanks for sharing pics of the new grandson! Sharon