Sunday, October 5, 2008


On October 21, 2003 I wrote my very first Journal entry.  Almost five years to the day.

Like many other AOL members I shared a lot of my personal life with the world.  Reading other people's Journals brought me enjoyment, laughter and sometimes, tears. 

I'm happy to say that I've made many good Internet friends.  I cried while watching one member lose her fight with cancer.  Worried about a few Journalists who left without apparent reason, never to return again.  Kept my fingers crossed while one member got divorced and tried his best to be a good father to his kids.  I've prayed for one writer who sadly described her sister's slow decline into Alzheimer's Disease.  Held my breath as another divorced her husband, packed up her bags and moved to L.A. to start a new life.  I remain hopeful that one friend will finally find Mr. Right, and that she'll stay safe while she searches for him.

I've shared stories with new mothers, abused women and recovering drug addicts. Sat back in amazement at the profound wisdom of a certain sensitive friend from Florida.  Watched people fall in and out of love.  Enjoyed looking at pictures of their trips to fabulous, exotic places.  I've laughed at the antics of other people's children and shared my own stories.  The birth of my grandchildren, the purchase of my house, my menopausal misadventures and my On-Line Dating Site experiences. 

Now, AOL has decided to put an end to the On-Line Journals, to "concentrate on more popular interests".  If our Journals weren't "popular" then why did they decide to use our entries to pimp out unwanted advertisements?  Once again, it was without our permission or even opinion on the matter.

Oh, they've given us "helpful advice" on how to transfer out work onto other sites, but speaking for myself, I haven't been successful as yet.

All things considered, I've had quite a good experience writing my On-Line Journal, except for one hurtful episode.  Like life itself, our community has been through good times and bad.  Scandals and legends.  At least we'll always have the memories.

Today, on October 5, 2008, all I can say... is good-bye.  Good luck to all of the Journalists who have graciously invited us into their lives and shared their experiences with us... total strangers. 

And thank you.  For the laughs, the pleasure of getting to know you, and for taking the time to get to know me.  I'll always be grateful for the encouragement you have given to me through your comments and even occasional E-mails.

Thanks, guys.  I'll never forget any of you.


kymllr said...

good ole aol -after 9yrs with them I am almost ready to go cable and then get it free like the millions on high speed who already do-and believe it or not for a year now we all could have 9,95 a month but they didn't tell anyone-I bought a new dell and they slipped-and of course add our new raise to 11.99 which I declined all it meant was no tech support-ummm if aol crashes you just put in the cd again-lots easier then talking for 2hrs to people you cannot understand. I am so bummed-I have been with you through a lot of yrs-I care about you and your girls and Brandon. PLEASE keep me in mind if you start a new one-and heres my site- and for you spammers out there-email is kymllr and briteeyestoo.((HUGS)) and if you find good blogs let me know-

onestrangecat said...

It is hard to believe this day has come.  So much has happened -- and shared over the past 5 years.

Come over to blogger with the rest of us.  We are still family.

Kathy  --  now

grofsand said...

The pleasure of your company has been too brief, and most certainly you have way too much offer and share to fade in the distance.

Please remain in touch and be certain to contact all of us when you have found a new place...I certainly don't want to miss that entry as you describe your newly discovered Prince Charming and all the joy he has ushered into your heart!

Peace and warmth...Marc :)

rdautumnsage said...

Wonderful ending to a beautiful journey. As Marc said I do believe the last chapters have not yet been written. I would hate to lose contact with you dear friend. I'm here:

Let me know where you decide to end hon! (Hugs)Indigo

mogul486 said...

It sucks that you have to stop your writing after all of these years. I know that it brings you joy and a lot of happiness to your many readers. You always had a way with words and I am going to miss them. Let me know if you decide to write again. Hope all else is well! HUGS

hadonfield78 said...

I will miss you too....
Its sad that it is all ending...