Friday, October 24, 2003

Crime of the Century?

Ray's house is right across the street from a beautiful park.  That was one of the main reasons that he didn't want to move.  But several years ago the Township built a 'weather station' in that park, directly across from his front door.  As soon as you open that door or look out any of his windows you can't help but see the numerous satellite dishes and antennas enclosed by a chain link fence.  Not exactly the view to die for.

The Township never asked Ray if he had any objections before they built it, and I was sure that they would never consider moving it to another location.  The landscaper who is working on transforming our jungle into a lawn agreed to plant 2 or 3 bushes in front of that weather station yesterday, in an attempt to camoflage the area a bit.  It hadn't even been 10 minutes before the first Park Patrol car arrived.  The officer sat there, staring at the new bushes... talking on a hand held radio.  He was soon joined by another Park Patrol car and 2 local police cruisers.  Lights flashing, they closed down the street and searched the area.  Were they looking for... more new bushes?  They eventually noticed the landscaping truck parked in our driveway.  Several of the officers walked over to interrogate the workers.  Yes... they were the ones who had planted the bushes in the park.  No... they didn't have permission from the Park Commission.  Yes... we were the ones who had master-minded this shocking destruction of government property.  No... there were no plans to contaminate any other scientific data collection areas.  Yes... they would immediately dig up those bushes and remove them.

I could see the officers furiously writing in their little pads.  They will now have our names and addresses and that of our landscaping company... in case there are any future foreign shrubbery sightings.  Our pictures my soon be hanging on the back walls of Nurseries all over the State...  am I turning into a radical protestor?  If they ever fingerprint me... will my thumb be... green?


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