Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The House

Married 28 years... divorced for 4.  I think I'm winning.  I moved in with Ray in April.  In the house that he and his ex-wife shared before they got divorced.  He didn't want to move because he likes the location.  I really didn't want to live in 'her' house.  So we agreed to renovate.  By the time I'm finished with the house even a team of forensic scientists won't be able to find a trace of 'her'.  I practically live at Home Depot now.  They call me by my first name when I walk in.  I'm becoming an expert in DIY home remodeling... but it seems like I have to do each and every project 3 times before I get it right.  Funny... Brad Pitt used to be the man of my fantasies.  Now... it's Bob Villa.  I wonder if Ray dreams of Martha Stewart?  I doubt it.


kymllr said...

HI :) this ought to be fun-your so witty and enjoy reading your stories and comments-ooooooh and Brad Pitt LOLLLLLLLLLbut your right-at this point in life-IF I had money to remodel-I'd have to chose Bob too.

msazsunbuni said...

Way to go !!!!! Keep up the great work, and never fear...... Ray will Love the remodel !!!!
...............Talk soon and looking forward to more on your daughter that had the surgery & her progress too !!!!!!

God Bless
MsAzSunbuni@aol.com (Mary)

emdee2be said...

Ya know, Lisa, I've changed my mind. When I first starting reading your story, I thought and told you you should be a standup comedienne. Now I think you're like Erma Bombeck. You look at the ordinary things in life, and you make them entertaining by writing about them.

emdee2be said...

con't from prev.
You write these fabulous musings and post them for all of us who know and can find you to read, but have you thought of writing a book and getting it published? Think about it. I think you could do it. I feel like I know you and have been through so much with you since I've been reading your stuff since the very beginning. I've been with you so long that my comments were in the original guestbook that was lost! I relate to you! You're awesome.

dancr4ever said...

Way to go, Lisa! You SHOULD write a book and be the next Erma Bombeck.....seriously!!

Keep writing! You have been a bright part of my life many, many times!!

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