Monday, March 22, 2004


So far I have made it 5 days on the Atkin's Diet.  Already sugar cane production has decreased and stocks are down.  Although I realize that my local economy will suffer, I hope no jobs are lost.  The first 3 days I lost 6 pounds.  I'm guessing it was water, but that's OK.  If I had 6 pounds of excess water on me I'm happy to have lost it.  I am beginning to feel weak, but Ray thinks it's my imagination.  I have literally lived on carbohydrates my entire life.  My body has never had to make energy out of it's own fat before.  I know I'm probably dehydrating as I detest drinking water, and Atkin's doesn't allow ice tea unless it's Crystal Light.  Fruit 2-0 is OK, but I can't bring myself to swallow more than 2 glasses of any of those drinks a day.  Working all weekend was a challenge.  Being a nursing supervisor I wander all over the hospital.  There is Easter Candy, cookies, cakes, chips and even real food at every nurses' station.  I can't take the bags of candy out of the drawers in my office because I'm not the only one who uses it and it's not MY candy.  The Toostie Rolls are still calling my name.  I'm trying to pretend that I don't hear it.  The only thing that has saved me at night is eating diet Jell-O with home made whipped cream.  I'm starting to hate cheese.  I haven't dipped my urine yet.  Ray thinks I should wait another day to see if I am in ketosis.  I guess he's afraid that if I'm not, I'll get discouraged.  I only plan on staying on this diet until I lose 20 pounds.  After that I will really watch my caloric intake, fat and carbs, but I won't actually stay on the Atkin's diet.  I hope I have enough energy to keep exercising.  Each day I feel a little more tired, but maybe that will change.  I do wake up earlier though.  Even without coffee.  I don't have a morning headache, and I'm not in a frantic rush to go and get something to eat.  I can also fall asleep at night in less than 5 minutes.  They are all good things.  So we will see how this week turns out.  I don't think that one month on Atkin's will kill me.  And if it does... maybe I'll be so skinny that I'll only need 4 friends to carry me to the grave instead of 6!  Just kidding.  Thanks for worrying.


alphawoman1 said...

Take heart. My sister lost 30 pounds on this diet! The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

itsjustusinnc said...

That must be a real shock to your system, going on this diet. But it sounds like you're handling it very well. :-) And OMG! LMAO! Do you know I just realized right this second what you said at the beginning of the entry? LOL! Hysterical!

ªñ} <---- that's my new name now. :-)

sonensmilinmon said...

I think I was reading in the paper that Hersheys was closing the plants since everyone is going on Atkins now ... (JK)

Good luck to you!

Smilin Mon

gloriason said...

I am a 49 year old woman on my 11th day of Atkin's, married with a 16 year old daugher and cat, currently in school to become a RN. There are 2 boxes of girl scout cookies in my pantry that scream to me constantly, "Please eat us, you know we taste good. We want you to eat us!!!!!" It is all I can do to resist. Good luck!

babygsmommy said...

LOL, I so enjoy your writing!! I am keping up with your progress! Proud of you!

somenuttychic said...

Hey 6 lbs.!!! Yehaaaa! That's a fantastic start! (I hope it got better. Reading on . . .)

"S.O.S (Send Oreos Soon)" ROTFL