Saturday, July 3, 2004

Let freedom ring!



Picture from Hometown

On a lighter note...
Ray has been working very hard this past week to get me through the rough patch I'm having on the road to my eventual demise.  He had a new central air conditioning unit put in (when he realized that the one place you NEVER want to be is with a menopausal woman having a hot flash in the summer with no air conditioning).  He replaced the hot water heater which has significantly reduced the amount of flooding in the basement, and has promised to have it water-proofed in the next few weeks.  He helped me conduct several scientific experiments to determine exactly where the bathrooms were leaking, and removed all the old caulk so that my son can re-do it for us this week.  He emptied out that rancid refrigerator all by himself and washed it down with bleach, stopping only twice, but went right back to work after he regained consciousness.  He maintains a constant vigil of spraying room deodorizer throughout the entire house 2-3 times a day.  He personally over-nighted my check to the NJ Board of Nursing so I could renew my license.  He actually started going through old boxes and throwing stuff away.  THAT in itself, is a major step which may indicate the possibility of potential normalcy, giving hope to the Significant Others of pack rats everywhere.  He even fixed a few other problems that I didn't even mention.  When the TV in our bedroom stopped working (call me crazy, but do you see a trend here?), he lugged up another set, connected it to the satellite dish, and raised it up on two heavy gauge plastic storage bins so we can watch it at night.  He got the name of a contractor and promised to call him this week to get an estimate on repairing the leaks in the roof.
And not only has he been working on a way to try and retrieve all my files from my almost dead computer, Ray suprised me with a COPY OF MY MANUSCRIPT which he had put on his laptop a few months ago in case I wanted to work on my book while we were away on vacation!

I'm SO glad I didn't murder him now.

Happy Fourth Of July!!                        



                                                              Picture from Hometown



readmereadyou said...

Gee, I'm glad you didn't murder him too. Labor costs lots of money these days. LOL! Sounds like your man is really trying to make you happy. I like him. : )

jlandanniversary said...

{{{{{Lisa}}}}} Lisa I'm glad you didn't become a murderess either. Being menopausal is enough of a crime....I'm there with you!!!
Thanks for displaying one of the torches and for helping to light the way to the AOL Journals 1st Anniversary Festivities!

bookncoffee said...

Oh goody, we don't have to wait another 5 years for the book to come out! Glad Ray saved the day! He He! Glad things are turning out ok.  If not, perhaps Tom Hanks will be available for the next Hollywood Hit version of Money Pit!  Happy 4th to you all!

onestrangecat said...

I am so glad that you didn't kill Ray.  He has come in handy it seems.

Hope your 4th has been great one.


lucylouladybug said...

Great saves there Ray!  Hehehe!

Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

Love, Penny

indigomilky said...

Wow....he sounds like a catch!
And along the lines of the Fourth of July, a friend sent me a fun site for those of us who like has proven to be a stress-reducer for this Jail Nurse.  Thanks for your site, Lisa....I find humor, inspiration and hope.  Try                  Cheers!  Michaela

redhdka said...

aweeeee that's so great that he is fixing all the problems around the house and cared about your book.

krobbie67 said...

LOL Glad you didn't kill him either and I wish I would have read this entry before giving my two cents on the previous one. :-) ---Robbie

somenuttychic said...

Despite that the fact that he drove you nuts intially, it sounds as though things are turning out beautifully. Sounds like you've caught a keeper!