Tuesday, July 6, 2004


Ray has been a fan of Jimmy Buffett for many years.
A true 'Parrot Head,' he tries to attend every concert, every year.
This was my second Buffett concert, and it was just as much fun as the first.  You don't even have to BE a fan to have a good time.
Just make it to the 'Tail Gate Party' in the parking lot which usually starts in the early afternoon.
The concert is always sold out in the Philadelphia area.
I think it's so popular because Buffett concerts are a celebration of eternal summers, simple pleasures, and lost but not forgotten youth.
The fans may be eccentric, but they sure know how to have a good time.  The hats, the clothes, the kiddie wading pools, plastic palm trees, portable bar-b-ques, pirate flags, grass skirts, and inflatable sharks take you away from the everyday rat race.
The props may be cheap, flimsy, and fake,
but they're easy, affordable and most importantly ... possible.


I did behave myself this year, however.
I didn't even have one alcoholic beverage.  This was partly because, several weeks ago, while Ray's best friend was visiting us from Chicago, I ended up having a few too many Long Island Ice Tea's with lunch.  All I can remember is using a cloth napkin while dancing to Karaoke music on the dance floor.  At 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  I haven't been able to swallow anything even remotely alcoholic in nature ever since.  I'm not sure (I'll have to check with Ray), but now that I don't drink or smoke, I may not have any bad habits left.
Which would make me... practically perfect!   At least... temporarily!

Fins to the left!!



lucylouladybug said...

I enjoyed the pictures and the story!  I've never been to a Buffett concert, but I do have his boxed set of CDs.  My ex-husband is also a fan, I think he's been to a concert.  I know I bought every song themed t-shirt I could find when we were married for him.  Love the art of it.  Looks like a good time was had by all!

readmereadyou said...

Not a Buffet fan but I might become one just to go to the party. : )
Looks like a good time was had by all.

bookncoffee said...

I've been to one Jimmy Buffett concert.  The party before hand was at someone's house (didn't know 'em really - LOL!).  Most were really "buffetted out" well before the concert. Although I did not particularly enjoy the concert itself b/c of the company I was with --who was one of those "buffetted out before the concert" folks,  I personally, love the Buffett man's music and have to listen to it every spring to kick off the summer season.  There's one song we have to bleep out <if we remember to do it> from his CD.  I'm sure you know which one that is.......Glad you got out of the house for a while - based on your latest entries!  LOL!!!

bookncoffee said...

Oh, by the way....LOVED each and everyone of the pics.  BEt that took a while to upload!  :>)

sonensmilinmon said...

The concert sounds so FUN!  MY ex HATED anything like concerts and all that noise.  Sonny and I would enjoy a concert ... if money would permit at the right time ... when the concert tickets are available.  LOVE the pictures ... ALL of them.


hsent said...

I love Margaritaville!   Concert sounds like a great time, have yet to see Jimmy Buffet in concert, though would love to.  

annalisa135 said...

I've never been to a JB event, but I do enjoy his music.  It sounds like so much fun!  I'll have to try to catch one next time it comes to Pittsburgh, or at least nearby.  Fun entry!!

redhdka said...

I admire your perfection..I smoke, I drink...it's bad. Love the new look of your journal....I'm freaking out because i never get your updates..gonna try and reset them again.

krobbie67 said...

Wow! The party in the parking lot looks like it might be more fun than the concert. Great photos! :-) ---Robbie

somenuttychic said...

"I'm not sure (I'll have to check with Ray), but now that I don't drink or smoke, I may not have any bad habits left. Which would make me... practically perfect!   At least... temporarily!"


coy1234787 said...

I had to comment on this entry, We are big Parrotheads from way back around here. In June, we just had a huge Margarittaville party for my sisters 40th birthday. It was great. This is my first visit to your journal, I'm here via Gregg. I'll be back soon and often.
                                      *** Coy ***