Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Sitting here petting one of my cats on this hot, lazy afternoon I realize that this is anything but an ordinary day for a lot of other people in the world.  This one day will change their entire lives... forever.
Someone will be diagnosed with cancer.  Somebody will be killed in an automobile accident.  A young man will contract HIV.  Someone will be fired from their job.  A teenage girl will get pregnant.  Somewhere a wife will find out that her husband is cheating on her.  A teenager will run away from home.    A family will watch their house burn down.  A child's puppy will be struck by a car.  A soldier will be killed.  A boy will have his heart broken. Someone will lose their last dollar in a casino.  A man will hold his wife's hand in the Intensive Care Unit for the last time.  A grocery store clerk will be held up at gun point.  A young woman will miscarry.    A man will say goodbye to the grandfather who raised him.   A child will be abducted.  Somewhere, a heroin addict will overdose for the last time.   An angry man will murder his wife.   A woman will find a lump in her breast.  A man will be sentenced to prison for the rest of his life.   A drunk will pick up his car keys.   
All these things are happening to people just like me... somewhere in the world. 
Right now.  This very minute.  While I sit here and pet my cat. 
I am stunned.  Desperately searching for some glimmer of hope I realize that on this very same day...
A baby will be born.  A young couple will get married.  A lost kitten will be found.  Proud parents will watch their youngest child graduate from high school.  Someone will get a promotion.  Another will win the lottery.  A teenage boy will buy his first car.  A young woman will discover that after years of trying, she's finally pregnant.  A doctor will tell a worried family that the operation was a success.  A young woman will have flowers delivered to her door.  Two childhood friends will take off on a trip to Greece.  A singer will have a #1 hit.  A child will be returned to his mother.  A mortgage application will be approved.  A dentist will inform a 5 year old that he doesn't have any cavities, and a 10th grade girl will be asked to the prom. 
All this will happen on a most ordinary day.... today.
And then I realize....
That I must have WAY too much time on my hands.


kymllr said...

WOW sure got me thinking and then you did the positive WOW-lol boy I got too much time on my hands but thank God for people like YOU who help fill it :)

grofsand said...

Congratulations! You have eloquently demonstrated that there is no such thing as "Ordinary"...every breath, every thought, each moment carries a weight (yes, not all moments weigh equally)...fate ushers us through this maze of life which not for a single moment should be taken granted!
May all of the finer moments in your life far outweigh those "difficult" moments.
...Your entry...was time well spent!
Marc :)