Thursday, June 24, 2004

Dirty Little Secrets

In case you were aimlessly wandering around the Internet and suddenly found yourself lost in my Journal, let me bring you up to speed.  First let me assure you that you're safe.  Other people have been here before you, and most of them are still alive and well.  Some have even left comments to prove it.
Now... where was I?  Oh yes...  I recently noticed that although I'm almost 50 years old, I really haven't done anything so far to make the world a better place.  I decided to correct that, and have been spending lots of time searching for just the right cause.  Being a notorious slacker, I knew it had better be something that would excite me; otherwise I'd give it up in a minute for a good movie and a bowl of ice cream.
I've always been impressed with the
'Keep America Beautiful Campaign' but I haven't heard much about them in recent years.  I found their web site, looked at the old TV commercials, and was once again... inspired.
Searching even deeper, I discovered that cigarette butts are the number one littered item WORLD WIDE.  Being an ex-smoker, I knew immediately that this was…
MY CAUSE.  I spent over 30 years poisoning the environment with my own cigarette butts.  Maybe now I have a chance to make up for that by helping to educate other smokers on the hazards of cigarette litter.  I don't think smokers would continue to litter if they knew the butts took years to disintigrate and that they leaked the toxins that had accumulated in the filters into the enviornment as they slowly biodegraded.  I'm going to do what I can to bring that information to them.
Except for a few other commitments (3 grown kids, an adorable grandchild, my beloved Ray, my job, a few friends, a
Web Site, this Journal, a partially written Best Seller book, and renovating a house that would challange both Bob Villa and Martha Stewart), I am totally free to commit myself to this worthwhile endeavor.
Researching the information was fascinating at times.  I love uncovering a mystery.  If it's also shocking and scandalous… even better.  In this day and age, why are smokers so uninformed about cigarette butt litter?  I found one Site that pointed out that one of the MAIN CONTRIBUTORS to the Keep America Beautiful Campaign was none other than the Phillip Morris Tobacco Company
.  Were they trying to make up for some of the evil they caused... like me?
That's doubtful...
(stay tuned for more)


barebytes said...

Almost 50 years old and haven't done anything to make the world a better place?   Humm... How about being in it? That makes it a better place. And sometimes, that just enough to make a difference.   Hugs Lanny

punky5678 said...

WoW! You really made me stop and think . I have designated July 4th as my first day of independace from smoking. I may be back often for your encouragement. I read this entry last night and it really has catipulted me into action, THANK YOU!

annalisa135 said...

I think this is a WONDERFUL cause!  I hate all those cigarette butts laying on the ground, I too think it's very disgusting, and dirty.  It would definitely help our planet to do away with the habit of throwing them anywhere one feels like it.  

I too help out with a variety of different charities.  I found that the satisfaction and pleasure I receive from doing something special for someone is all the "drug" I need.  It gives me such a high.  I don't make a committment to just one, but I do understand why you do.  Instead I do occasional things for each of them.  For instance I participate in "Presents for Patients", it only happens at Christmas time, and basically I get assigned as many patients as I'd like and I go buy Xmas presents for them, hand deliver them, and spend a little time visiting to brighten their day.  

Anyway, I don't mean to ramble on, sorry about that.  Best of luck and good will towards your charity.  

sonensmilinmon said...

Almost 50 and you haven't done anything so far to make this a world a better place?  No, I don't buy that.  I'm sure you made it a better place by being a good mom, a good grandma, a good nurse and a good person!  

With that said, I do think the Keep America Beautiful is a GREAT idea.  I haven't heard anything about that in YEARS.


bookncoffee said...

Hi there.  My Mom actually runs the Keep America Beautiful office for their county!  She is always teaching kids at schools to recycle, and goes to events, etc.  I remember those old commercials!!!!  Like the pics you have in your about me section.