Saturday, June 19, 2004

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Picture from Hometown    

                                    Another Father's Day.
                             I wish my Dad were still here.
  So I could send him a funny card.  Give him another shirt.
     Or take him out to dinner at a really great restaurant.
           I know he would spend most of the day golfing.
                   It's odd that my Dad loved that game.
                    He just wasn't the country club sort.
He went to a public course with a beat up set of used clubs,
            a pair of sneakers, and sporting a tweed derby.
                   I know he never, ever played under par,
                     but he loved the game
just the same.
             He was much older than all of my friends' Dads.
           I never realized that until I was in the eighth grade.
         A classmate asked me if "that old guy" was my father,
                    and when I looked at all the other Dads,
                                    I realized he WAS… old.
                                  He was 47 when I was born,
                      but there were 5 more to come after me.
      My youngest sister was born when he was 60 years old
                                    and my Mom was 40. 
             When I was a little girl we didn't have much money.
           There were many Father's Days when my sister and I
                            had no way of getting my Dad a gift.
               We'd look through his bureau for a pair of socks
              that had no holes,
then carefully wash and dry them.
      Then we would iron them so they'd be flat and have a crease,
                   and finally spray them with hairspray and cologne
                               so they'd be 'crisp' and smell 'new'.
  He would always act so surprised when he opened gifts like that,
                                       and he'd smile and rave
                  about how wonderful he thought the present was.
                               He never let on that he knew
    it was just a pair of socks
we had taken out of his drawer.
He made us feel special on the day that was supposed to be his.

                          It's been 16 years now since he died,
                 but he's still as vivid in my memories and my heart
                                              as he always was.
                                       Hardly a day passes by
             when I don't remember
something he said or did.
         I never make a cup of coffee or pass by Dunkin' Donuts
                                      without thinking of him.
                                        He loved jelly donuts.
                   I can see him trimming the Christmas tree,
                                shoveling coal into the heater, 
walking the floor with one of my teething or colicky babies.
I don't think he ever told me that he loved me… but he didn't have to.
                                    He showed me every day.
                                         I miss him so much.

                                     Happy Father's Day, Dad.
                                                    I love you.


readmereadyou said...

Lisa, I loved your entry. And again, we have a lot in common because my dad was in his 40s when I was born. There was a 15 year age difference between him and my mother. I loved your story about the socks. That is so sweet. You had a wonderful dad and he'd be so proud of your entry. Hey, I'm sure he is!
: )  

lucylouladybug said...

Happy Father's Day, in memory of your Dad.  This is very sweet.

Love, Penny

krobbie67 said...

This was beautiful! I don't have much of a relationship with my dad. This makes me wish I did. Or, at least have the memories that you do. :-) ---Robbie

gbgoglo said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dad...I'm sure he's beaming!

barebytes said...

Yes, I've learned that parents are something that mostly we take for granted until they are gone from our lives. Each and every one, special in their own way. Hugs Lanny

lovegroveb said...

You are blessed to have good memories of your dad.

redhdka said...

Oh Lisa, what a great entry to your Daddy. That was so cute about the socks, he must have melted when you girls did that. : )

redhdka said...

You look so pretty in the picture as usual!

andreakingme said...

Ohhhh. Dang! I've got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. This was funny, warm and touching. ::sniff:: Happy Father's Day, Lisa's Dad!

bookncoffee said...

Thanks for sharing your memories of your Dad.  He looks like, and sounds like he was a WONDERFUL person!  

sonensmilinmon said...

My dad may not have said the words that he love me either but, he showed me in many ways!  Beautiful entry.


cafeteome said...

Oh Lisa...I have tears in my eyes in what is YET another beautiful entry in your journal..What a lucky girl you were and what a lucky dad he was!! Sharon

annalisa135 said...

an absolutely beautiful entry!!!  

thank you for posting a comment and making me aware of your visits to my journal, it allows me the chance to get to know you as well.  I look forward to reading more, especially if the other entries are 1/2 as touching and well written as this one.  

I'm positive your dad was smiling down at you with nothing but love in his eyes as you remembered him in this way.