Friday, February 20, 2004

My Debut Part I

Picture from HometownThe comedy club turned out to be a little coffee house in a very small town here in New Jersey.  Although it wasn't too far from my house, the sign wasn't very brightly lit and it was hard to find.  At one time it was probably a corner grocery or a tiny drug store.  It still had a counter which now served all kinds of gourmet coffees and desserts.  There were tables that seated two people scattered throughout the place, and a few couches.  There was a microphone on a stand near the front of the store next to an amplifier.  It was very cozy, but far smaller than I ever imagined.  Even if the place was 'packed', I doubt that it could hold more than 40-50 people.  The owner was an aspiring musician who told me that he normally had an "Open Mic Night" for other musicians every Thursday, but he wanted to try something new.  At first I just wanted to leave.  I felt that I would be wasting my time.  He told me that he had advertised this comedy night on the Internet and in local newspapers, and how nervous he was.  He said he was "honored" that "real comedians" would drop by his store and perform.  We talked awhile and two other comedians came in and put their names on the sign up sheet.  He was so excited, I couldn't bring myself to walk out on him.  Slowly, people started to wander in and sit down.  I wondered how successful the show would be without alcohol.  Only about 25 people showed up by 8PM, but I've been to smaller shows.    (continued below)


camaroisle050856 said...

Congrats on the brass ones and staying to take a step into your future. I'd like to hear more about your style of comedy and delivery.

quroboros said...

Good for you! Soundss like a great start & I'm glad you were happy with how it turned out. You're WAY braver than I'd be,. getting up and performing in front of an audience! ¤Holly

tamikolar said...

I'm not surprised you were a success. You never fail to make ME laugh!