Tuesday, February 17, 2004

My Destiny Part II

The reason I am bringing all of this up in the first place is because Ray went skiing today with a friend.  He left me home, all alone, with the box of chocolate covered cherries he gave me for Valentine's Day.  I promised him that I wouldn't eat them all in one day.  That I would space them out so I could enjoy them for at least a week.  If he really expected me to keep that promise he wouldn't have left me all alone with the box.  He wouldn't have given me chocolate in the first place.  Would you buy a wino a bottle of fine wine, leave him alone with it and tell him to just take a sip or two each day so that it would last longer?  Do you really think that once you turned the corner he would savor the bouquet, and then push the cork back into the bottle?  Do you think it's possible that when you find him later he will be sitting there reading the Wall Street Journal?  That on this very happy, very lucky day he's having, you won't find him drunk out of his mind singing songs at the top of his lungs?  Now what do you think I will be doing with myself after I finish this entry?  Cleaning the bathroom?  Stuffing a turkey?  Sweeping up alien droppings from the driveway?  Do you actually think you'll find me huffing and puffing on the Bowflex?  Only if I can do it while I'm eating chocolate covered cherries.  Will Ray come home tonight and find an empty heart-shaped box, little brown papers littering the floor, and me lying there, all round and smiling with chocolate on my breath?  Not on your life.  I'll put the papers in the trash compactor, hide the empty box and I'll be at work till midnight.  So excuse me.  My destiny is melting.

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mysterynurse2 said...

That was so funny, like you expect the wino to be reading the Wall Street Journal.
I was tired and your journal made me laugh, Thank You.