Thursday, January 15, 2004

Who ARE... THEY?

They say it's going to be bitterly cold here in Jersey tonight.  Who are they anyway?  I don't think I've ever actually met one of them before.  If we were to analyze this, we would have to assume that there is more than one, since we always refer to them in the pleural form.  It's never 'he' or 'she' ... always 'they'.  I would also guess that they are young.  Most likely all under the age of thirty, since they seem to have an opinion on just about everything.  If they were employed, married or had children, they wouldn't have time to just go around saying things.  Maybe there aren't as many of them as we think there are.  They just want us to think so.  I know that I'm  not one of them.  No one has ever listened to anything I said before.  Especially my kids.  And yet I have heard all three of them refer to them  many times in the past.  OMG!  Did you read what I just wrote?  'All three of ...THEM!'  Is it possible that MY kids are actually ... THEM?  It does kind of make sense.  Each one of my kids has ALWAYS thought that they knew it ALL since the day they were born.  And I DO have more than one child ...  hence 'THEM.'  Is it possible that my kids really do know everything?   That every word they utter is carefully recorded so it can be repeated whenever necessary?  Is this theory even POSSIBLE?  Am I actually the mother of the chosen few?  Of ... THEM?  The Grand Poobahs behind every fact, speculation, prediction and rumor between Hollywood and Washington, D.C.?  ME?  MY KIDS?




barebytes said...

Hahaha very out for THEM !!! Lanny

readmereadyou said...

I loved this. I wrote an article years ago called "Them".....LOL! So it's your kids. I thought it was mine. LOL! ; )

barbpinion said...

WOW! I am so glad I stopped by to check out your journal. Love your sense of humor and the situation is interesting, to say the least. THEM???? Of course it's the kids.LOL. Stop by sometime and check out my journals: well, one, maybe?
They are: "THE REST OF THE STORY," BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN," AND ' FROM SOLITUDE-FROM SILENCE." Barbpinion...I will be back again.

redhdka said...

I was laughing through this whole thing. So Ronnie says, "What's so funny?" So guess what? First my son, then my husband...I tell him your whole story, how i found you, show him your web page, show him the porch, the alien droppings, the bowflex<even he pities you on that one, him of all people> He was laughing at all your jokes and said what a great girl and he said you were beautiful! Just thought I would tell ya.